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WISE Block

At NorKam, we recognize that it is often difficult to meet the needs of all of our students.  The focus of our collaboration time for the last several years has concentrated on how we can better meet the diverse learning needs of our students.  Each department has approached this goal in different ways.  As a school we have decided that we can make changes to our timetable to assist us in reaching this goal.  As a result, we will have WISE Block every Wednesday.  During this block, students who require extra instruction or who have fallen behind on their work will be provided with the time and the adult support required.  WISE Block will begin at 9:27 am every Wednesday, and will end at 10:11 am, at which time long break will begin.  Students who are not requested by their classroom teacher to attend WISE Block will have an extended lunchtime.  You may access the WISE Block bell schedule here.

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