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NorKam Scholarships

Students who are interested in scholarships and bursaries can add their names to the Scholarship Email List by sending a message Mrs. Katie Friesen or Ms. Erin Theunissen  Interested students can also check the Awards Bulletin Board in the counselling office.

Month by Month Deadlines

2024 NKSS Scholarship and Bursary Application ~ DEADLINE: April 19, 2024 (For NorKam students only, multiple awards given).

2024 District Authority Award Form  ~ DEADLINE: May 1, 2024 (For NorKam students only, multiple awards given).

2024 PEO Sisterhood (Chapter AT) Bursary ~ DEADLINE: May 1, 2024 (Female NorKam students only, 1 award per school).

2024 SD73 District Awards-Common-Application-Form ~ DEADLINE: May 1 2024 (All Students within SD73 schools can apply -multiple awards with specific criteria).

2024 Blazers Scholarship ~ DEADLINE: April 30, 2024 (NorKam students only, 2 awards given - 1 Academic Studies and 1 Trades Program).

2024 BC School Sports Scholarship ~ DEADLINE: May 3 2024 

Numerous scholarships and bursaries are available to NorKam graduating students.  These awards are based on academic standing and/or financial need.  Awards are also available to students who have excelled in practical arts, fine arts, athletics and trades.  Students are encouraged to apply for as many awards as possible, based on the specific criteria for each award. 

Some scholarship/bursary applications can be accessed through the School District 73 site. 


For more information on scholarships and bursaries can be found here.

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