Scholarships / Bursaries

NorKam Scholarships

Scholarship Application Booklet will be available March 12, 2019 - please see Ms. Reinke.

Numerous scholarships and bursaries are available to NorKam graduating students.  These awards are based on academic standing and/or financial need.  Awards are also available to students who have excelled in practical arts, fine arts, athletics and trades.  Students are encouraged to apply for as many awards as possible, based on the specific criteria for each award.  Applications are available in the second semester of the school year.

Applications are due on the last Friday of April.  Some national scholarships and university entrance awards are due in the first semester.  Students can visit university websites and search for "financial aid" or "entrance scholarships" for availability.  Criteria varies for these awards, and students are encouraged to use the university resources for assistance.

The NorKam Scholarship Committee members are teachers, administrators, and counselors.  Award decisions are made by the committee in May, and announced during commencement ceremonies in June.  Workshops related to the application process, letter writing, and references will be offered during lunch and WISE block meetings.  Grade 11 students are encouraged to plan for the scholarship process by becoming involved in school and community events, volunteer activities, and academic excellence, prior to grade 12.  Contact Ms. Reinke for more information at or visit her Google Classroom at 7ab7yy2.

Some scholarship/bursary applications can be accessed through the School District 73 site. 

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